Boneworks Continues To Impress In Latest Gameplay Look

Boneworks developer Stress Level Zero shows off tons of jaw-dropping gameplay details in the latest showcase of what this VR title can do.

Half-Life: Alyx has deservingly become the only VR title people are talking about after this week’s announcement trailer. The game looks like the next step in VR technology and is an absolute showpiece for Valve’s Index headset. However, that game is still months away. There is another VR showcase coming in just a couple of weeks that continues to impress with every trailer released. Boneworks from Stress Level Zero might not have the visual quality of Half-Life: Alyx, but it does have incredibly creative gameplay. Give the latest trailer a watch below.

Boneworks is filled to the brim with creativity. Even in this relatively short trailer, there were several moments where my jaw hit the floor. Early on in the trailer, we get a look at the new slow-mo button in action. With the press of a button, you can initiate what the devs are calling “Max Payne mode”. This gives you full control over how slow the game moves.

In motion, it looks amazing, especially when you see some of the ridiculous maneuvers you’re able to pull off. They gave us a look at the “kickflip reload” in action, which is just silly. Basically, you can start slow-mo, toss your gun in the air, knock out your spent bullet clip, slap in a new one, and then catch your gun. Of course, there’s no reason to do it, but it looks like so much fun to pull off.

And the creativity doesn’t stop there. In the video, they spend probably too long trying to stuff a body in a locker. Again, this isn’t something most players are going to do, but it does show off how full of possibilities Boneworks is. It just feels like this massive sandbox that lets you do whatever you want but also has an interesting campaign to play through.

Undoubtedly, the most ridiculous moment of the trailer is when he takes a gun in each hand, turns them sideways, and fires them at the same time to mitigate the recoil. It’s so dumb but so great. and really, that seems to be a lot of this game summed up in a sentence. Stress Level Zero has gone to great links to find a balance between realism and dumb fun. Everything they’ve shown so far, has me believing they’ve done a great job.

Boneworks is out on PC on December 10. It’s hard to see any VR game as “next-level” in the shadow of Half-Life: Alyx. However, Boneworks is as close as it gets.


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