Stress Level Zero's VR Showcase Boneworks Has a Release Date

Boneworks is a phsyics-based action-adventure VR title from Stress Level Zero. The game is out December 10.

The wizards at Stree Level Zero have been keeping fans up-to-date with their excellent-looking, physics-based VR title Boneworks. The game continues to look impressive each time it’s shown and, thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer to try it out for ourselves. The team announced today with a new trailer the game’s release date, which is just in time for Christmas. Give the new trailer a watch below.

As you can see in the trailer, Boneworks is trying to do a lot of cool things. Every time I watch a video, I come away dazzled by something new. Whether it’s the gunplay, the interactivity, or something else, there is so much about this game that looks awesome. Even the small things like dropping a cinder block on a guards head are just perfect.

Sure, some of the animations are a little odd-looking. The way the player’s hands animate is particularly wacky. That said, some of the stuff Boneworks is doing looks like game-changers. I’ve tried out VR several times at friends’ houses or Best Buy demos, but have yet to dive into a headset myself. Boneworks might just be the thing that finally kicks me over the edge and makes me drop a thousand bucks on an Index.

Boneworks will be out for PC on December 10. It will include a story mode, physics sandbox, battle arena, and more. If you’d like to see more of the game in action, I fully recommend checking out the gameplay footage below. It’s great.

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