Boneworks VR Shows Off Combat, Physics, and Robot Headbutting in New Footage

Stress Level Zero's VRgame Boneworks has new gameplay footage via the Node Youtube channel that shows off combat, physics, and robot headbutting.

Boneworks is an upcoming VR action adventure game by developer Stress Level Zero. The team recently visited the Node Youtube channel to show off the first level of the game. It was a fascinating showcase.

Previously, the studio showed off a simple test level via Node, demonstrating some of the work they’ve been doing to harness the power of Valve’s Knuckle controllers. This new footage is a straight playthrough of one of the levels, letting us get a glimpse into everything the game will offer.

In the footage, the developers stress that there “is no wrong answer” to solving a given situation in Boneworks. They want to give you a consistent set of rules and tools for the game’s physics. Then, they’ll let you come up with interesting answers that may be completely different from any other player.

The physics look intriguing. We see the player turn over a table to use for cover. While he doesn’t need it for the encounter he’s in, the implication is that it would totally work in a firefight. We also see him use a crowbar to latch onto a series of pipes and climb across a gap. It’s just a snapshot, but that level of control could be game-changing in the VR space.

After the YouTuber plays through the level, the developer takes over the headset to show off Boneworks‘ melee combat. First, he spawns a sword and a number of smaller enemy robots. He then turns on slow-mo mode and chopped the robots to bits. Next, he drops the sword, grabs two of the robots, bashing their heads together to kill them. Then, to show off just how crazy real the physics can be, he grabs a robot and headbutts it to death in a stunning display of brutality.

If Stress Level Zero can keep up this level of interactivity and incredible physics throughout a full game, they may have a hit on their hands. Boneworks is coming to PC later this year. Check out the new gameplay footage below:

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