BOO! Get Ready For Team Fortress 2’s Halloween Update

on October 27, 2010 9:37 PM

BOO! Get Ready For Team Fortress 2's Halloween Update

Valve’s Team Fortress 2 team is at it again. Following up September’s absolutely massive Mann-Conomy update, they’re getting in the spooky spirit of the season with Scream Fortress, a new in-game event running October 27th through November 8th.

So what can you expect from the update? First, a brand new map known as Mann Manor, which contains all sorts of ghoulish surprises, I’m sure. It can drop the Haunted Halloween Gift, a special drop item unique to this event. The Manor is also home to what Valve is calling their “first” Team Fortress 2 Boss Monster, The Headless Horseless Horsemann, pictured above.

The event will also include a handful of new achievements, items, and of course, hats. Always with the hats.

[Via The TF2 Blog]

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