Boogie2988 Responds To Rumours He Was Arrested For Firing Shots Outside His Home

The popular YouTuber reportedly has a warrant for his arrest following the incident!

Popular YouTuber Boogie2988 has responded to allegations that he has been arrested following an incident that occurred in September of 2020.

The rumours began circulating when popular news YouTuber, KeemStar, tweeted out that Boogie2988 had a warrant for his arrest due to the firing of a gun outside of Boogie’s home.

Boogie2988 has since responded to the alleged arrest warrant, you can find his full statement in the article below.

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Who Is Boogie2988?

Steven Williams, who is better known by his online alias ‘Boogie2988’, is one of the biggest YouTube stars around.

Boogie has over 4 million subscribers on the video platform and also live streams games over on his Twitch channel, which now has over 400,000 followers.

Many will know Boogie as the ‘raging gaming, francis’ that had various viral videos of him smashing and screaming when losing in video games.

Boogie doesn’t only make parody videos though, in recent times he has become well known for his vlogs and serious topic videos.

Boogie2988 Responds To Arrest Warrant

Back in September of 2020, Boogie2988 released a video discussing the confrontation between himself and content creator, Frank Hassle. The incident led to Boogie2988 firing a gun into the air in order to protect himself and his family.

Now it appears that the incident has led to a warrant for Boogie2988’s arrest.

Of course, as Boogie states in the tweet below, he is unable to comment on the ongoing situation for obvious reasons. However, he does also state that he will ‘do the right thing and do it by the book’ and that he is ‘glad to cooperate with the authorities’.

YouTuber/News Reporter, KeemStar, has stated that after speaking to Boogie2988 over the phone that he will be turning himself into the authorities on Wednesday. There is no way to confirm if this is actually Boogie’s intention as the tweet above is his only response to the situation. But as of writing, it appears that Boogie2988 has not been arrested and is full cooperating with the authorities.

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