Boom Goes The Dynamite With Space Engineers Warheads Update

Boom Goes The Dynamite With Space Engineers Warheads Update

First, Marek Rosa and Keen Software House’s Space Engineers taught you how to build. Now it encourages you to destroy.

Well, to be fair, Space Engineers has always encouraged players to build and destroy equally, but now the newly unveiled “Warheads” update allows players to destroy even better, with the inclusion of small and large warhead blocks.

These warhead blocks, which can be viewed below in the trailer, can be used to create torpedoes and bombs for digging tunnels, creating mine fields, or just for blowing stuff up. Warheads explode upon impact or when damaged.

For newcomers to the game, Space Engineers gives players freedom in designing space stations and spaceships as they see fit, with a sense of realism added in through the physics engine, and encouragement to test, fly and crash everything they build, especially to help the developers polish the game into perfection.

For more on the game, check out the Marek Rosa Blog and the Space Engineers website, where you will also be able to purchase the game. For more on community creations, check out the Space Engineers Steam Workshop page.

Space Engineers is available on Steam Early Access for $14.99, which comes with some good perks for early adopters. For more trailers and details, check out more of DualShockers’ Space Engineers news.