The Charming Booth Ladies of Tokyo Game Show 2018 Will Warm Up Your Monday With a Smile

The Charming Booth Ladies of Tokyo Game Show 2018 Will Warm Up Your Monday With a Smile

Tokyo Game Show wouldn't be the same thing without "booth companions" who promote the games with branded uniforms and full-fledged cosplay.

Tokyo Game Show is definitely one of the most colorful consumer trade events of the year. It comes with an unique atmosphere, and “booth companions” are certainly part of it.

The concept isn’t quite as similar to western counterparts as some believe. While the basics still involve having beautiful ladies (and in certain cases men) in cute or alluring uniforms or themed costumes at each company’s booth, the tradition is solidly rooted in the Japanese (and Asian) concept of hospitality.

Booth companions work with the booth staff to make visitors feel welcome, freely granting radiant smiles with admirable grace. They’re also full-fledged representatives of the brand, tasked with proudly displaying its image to the many photographers crowding the event via the generous display of pamphlets, promotional fans, or even full-fledged cosplay.

They’re often quite knowledgeable about the games being showcased, and they’re certainly no strangers to providing kind guidance and information to visitors. Many of them also speak English quite a lot better than the many suited reps.

In order to convey the atmosphere of the show, and the beauty and grace of the ladies  (and men) working so hard to make guests feel at ease (believe me, this is not an easy job), we joined the many photographers roaming the show floor, and brought you the gallery below.

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