Borderlands 2 Bug Wipes Badass Rank, Skins, and Heads

on September 25, 2012 7:06 PM

Woeful news to the would-be vault hunters of Pandora, there have been reports of a bug occurring that wipes a player’s Badass Rank and tokens. The bug, however, does not reset character challenges. All challenges you have completed will still be marked as complete, so you will not be able to reacquire the tokens or stats by just continuing to play.

The glitch apparently affects all universally-obtained bonuses, such as skins and heads. Considering some skins can only be obtained through quests or challenges, this could be a real kick in the nether region for dedicated Borderlands players. Reports are stating that the glitch can occur on all versions of the game, but no one knows what causes it. Hopefully Gearbox fixes the issue quickly, I care about fake numbers too much for this to happen.

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