Borderlands 2 Character Corruption Hack Sends Xbox 360 and PC Users Into Hiding

on October 22, 2012 7:10 PM

Chris Faylor, Community Manager of Gearbox Software, today posted on the Gearbox forums regarding an exploit that is corrupting players on Xbox Live (there are conflicting reports as to whether it happens on PC as well, so I threw them in to err on the side of caution). The hack replaces a player’s character file with one that is named “graveyard.sav”, eliminating the character data that originally existed. When a player is subjected to the glitch, his or her character will not respawn after entering “Fight for your life” and subsequently dying. Instead, they will be sent into a free-roam camera mode.

Faylor goes on to give instructions for players that are subjected to the glitch: “We also advise that before ceasing play, users always select “Save and Quit” from within the pause menu while their character is alive. If after the death of their character players find themselves at the main menu of Borderlands 2 instead of respawning in-game, be sure to immediately select “Continue” to resume playing as that character.” Players that try to load another character, restart their xbox, or go to their Xbox Dashboard will be met with a corrupted save file upon restarting Borderlands 2. The glitch apparently targets Xbox 360 and PC players,; PS3 players are currently safe.

Until Gearbox gets this settled, they suggest that players set their network options to anything but  “Public” (you can adjust your network settings from the pause or character select menu). They go on to ask that players report any suspicious behavior in Borderlands 2 to and provide as much details and documentation of their disrupted experience as possible to assist us in our investigation. Xbox 360 players should probably also copy their saves over to the cloud, so they have a backup of any characters they may have spent weeks on developing.

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