Update: Borderlands 2 Compatability Pack Error Fixed

on October 9, 2012 8:24 PM

Update: The error is now fixed, you can download the compatibility pack either through the main menu, or through the downloadable content option.

Original Post: To accompany the Mechromancer DLC launch, Gearbox Software today released a compatibility pack for the Xbox 360 version of Borderlands. The one hundred ninety-something megabyte download is said to update everyone so as to avoid errors in online play. Unfortunately, the patch is glitched and has now restricted all Xbox 360 players from playing online.

Though the game initially states that the download costs -1 Microsoft Point, choosing to start the download will bring up an error stating that the update will cost you 4.9 billion Microsoft Points. Before the truly dedicated vault hunters pull out their credit cards, Gearbox has stated on their twitter account that the compatibility pack should be free. Anyone who has reviewed an Xbox game before launch would find the error familiar, it’s the same error you get when you access an Xbox game’s DLC downloads before they’re ready to be released.

Unfortunately, until this gets fixed, online play has been restricted on the Xbox version of the game. What a kick in the pants after such an awesome surprise this morning.

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