Borderlands 2 Exploit - Easy Multi-Character Leveling and Better Loot

Are you playing Borderlands 2 yet? NO?! Go get it now! Ok, now that we got that out of the way, there is a very simple way to level multiple characters as well as get better loot for your characters. Once you load into Pandora and before you start shooting skags and psychos, you may be wondering which character class to start as, well now you don’t really have to choose. In Borderlands 2 you can play offline co-op games via split screen, which is a great way to play with friends, but there is nothing worse than trying to play with characters or friends that are imbalanced or multiple levels apart. Well, no more of that, my friends.

Simply load up an offline game and, instead of just playing with one character, grab some extra controllers and load in multiple characters. You can now use one character to run through the levels and kill mobs while the rest of the characters sit at the starting area and reap the benefits. As it stands right now, as long as your character is loaded into the game it will receive all the same experience and money no matter if they are sitting idle or in fierce combat. Since the other characters are sitting at the starting area there is no fear of them taking damage or dying, but your main character can go about and help them level without even moving them into danger. You can also complete quests and cash them in, and everyone in the game will gain the experience.

Aside from leveling multiple characters simultaneously while using only one, you will also benefit from better loot and drops since the game compensates and gives better gear for playing with more people. The only drawback will be that you will need multiple controllers, and the mobs that spawn will be harder to kill since there are more people loaded into the game, but who does not like a good challenge?

Go get your extra controllers out and start leveling all four classes simultaneously before Gearbox patches this up. Boom! Your welcome!

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Al Zamora

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