Borderlands 2 is in Development. Hell Yes.

Borderlands 2 is in Development. Hell Yes.


The CEO of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford,  has confirmed a sequel to beloved FPS RPG hybrid Borderlands. Released in 2009, Borderlands performed well both critically and commercially, selling more than three million copies globally and garnering high review scores across the board.

The confirmation came in a recent interview, where Mr. Pitchford said:

“I’m sure Duke will have some demands of me and I’ve gotta work on Borderlands 2, right?”

The interview was reportedly with VG247. The continuation of the Borderlands series is good news for the gaming world. As a new IP just two years ago, Borderlands took chances and found success. Hopefully, this inspires other developers to create more unique games. Check out our review of the ultimate version of Borderlands here.