Borderlands 3 Cosplayer Makes for an Unsettling and Striking Bandit

This Borderlands 3 bandit cosplay from Bonnie Corban leaves me equal parts impressed and uncomfortable.

Borderlands 3 cosplays are always a treat when they’re done well. The signature style makes it easy to tell when a tremendous amount of work went into the getup. This bandit cosplay from Bonnie Corban is no different–check these out:

Corban clearly didn’t cut corners to save on time. While she’s better looking than your average bandit, she’s still kind of creepy. There’s just something about those eyes that make me feel…unsafe. The Borderlands Instagram account was impressed by her effort as well.

This isn’t Corban’s first rodeo into Creepsville. She’s transformed into Pennywise the Dancing Clown, one of The Tethered, and an undead bride. I’m not sure which one I hate the most.

What I know I don’t hate is the variety of vibes cosplayers bring to the table whenever they bring a character to life. A recent cosplay of Maya from Borderlands 3 exemplifies my point. Shiva_Abarai nails the look and captures the badass vibe of the character as much as Corban captures the troubling vibe of hers.

Anyone inspired to cosplay a Borderlands 3 character should look at the huge collection of concept art Gearbox recently released. It’s not only a great behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the game, but it’s also excellent source material. There’s no better time than a few weeks before Halloween to get into the swing of things. We also have a guide to god-awful video game costumes for those of you lacking the time, money, skill, or motivation to create something of your own. No judgements here–I’m definitely getting that Sora costume.

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Brandon Doerrer

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