Borderlands 3 Cover Art and Collector’s Edition Potentially Leaked

Borderlands 3 Cover Art and Collector’s Edition Potentially Leaked

Borderlands 3 cover art and collector's edition reportedly leaked on Twitter by user Wario64, though developer Gearbox won't confirm it.

Borderlands 3 was finally announced to much fanfare last week at Gearbox Software’s PAX East panel. Various details have been slowly leaking out in the days since and today the cover art and collector’s edition info was “leaked” by Twitter user Wario64.

The first thing to note is that Gearbox was unable to find a way to get the Psycho shoot himself in the head a third way. Fans will remember that studio head Randy Pitchford jokingly said the game was delayed until their cover artists could find a third way to have the series cover model to shoot himself a third way. Instead, they’ve gone with some kind of holy hand grenade, which I personally can dig.

Next, we can see a few big details revealed in the collector’s edition. First, there is a bullet point for “Sanctuary 3”. Fans of the series will remember Sanctuary as the main base in Borderlands 2 and the last bastion from Handsome Jack and Hyperion. The city was turned airborne and teleported away by Lilith in one of the bigger moments from that game. Will there be a new Sanctuary in BL3? And where will it be? We know Borderlands 3 will take us to other worlds, so is there another Sanctuary out there?

While Wario64 has a strong history with successfully leaking and spreading information before it is announced, it seems like Gearbox isn’t willing to confirm anything yet. In fact, they sent out a cheeky Tweet about it…

The other thing to note is the confirmation of a season pass. Now, this being the games industry in 2019, a season pass is far from a surprise. That said, the Borderlands team has always done a great job with their post-launch support, so this is one season pass I’m happy to see.

Gearbox has another livestream scheduled for April 3rd at 6:00 AM PST. You can expect more Borderlands 3 news and potential confirmation of the many leaks there.