Borderlands 3 DLC Will Be "More Weird" and "More Focused" Compared to the Main Game

While Borderlands 3 is primed to be "the biggest Borderlands game ever," its upcoming DLC will give players more focused stories and settings.

With the game only about a month out from release, anticipation is already riding high for the upcoming Borderlands 3 as the next chapter of the fan favorite looter-shooter series. While we can expect the main game itself to give players more than enough to do, we already know that there are more stories ready to be told in Borderlands 3 through its upcoming DLC campaigns, which seem like they will go in wildly different directions according to its writers.

Speaking in an interview with DualShockersBorderlands 3 lead writers Danny Homan and Sam Winkler gave us their insight on writing and expanding on the series’ story with its third main installment. Specifically, we asked them a bit more on what to expect from the game’s DLC, which will include four campaign-based add-ons that will take players through new stories and areas, as in past Borderlands games.

Winkler explained that the team is already working on the DLC for Borderlands 3, and simply said that they will be “big” and “a lot of fun,” while Homan added that the DLC campaigns are “all so different” from one another.

Winkler expressed that with the DLC campaigns for Borderlands 3, the stories told there will allow the team to “get a little more weird and a little more focused.” This is especially in comparison to the main game, as Winkler stated that “Borderlands 3 is the biggest Borderlands game that has ever been made; there’s a lot crammed into it.”

Given the size of the main game, Winkler added that compared to the “huge, galaxy-spanning story arc” that will be told in Borderlands 3 proper, the DLC will give the team a chance to “focus on a couple different characters and transform them, go with a different aesthetic, go with a different vibe, and play with how you do storytelling.” While the team couldn’t give specifics just yet for what any of those stories will look like, Winkler said that “we’re really excited about what those DLCs are going to be.”

Borderlands 3 will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13, 2019, and you can pre-order the game now over on Amazon. The game will also be coming to Google Stadia when it releases later this year.

For more on the game, you can read our recent hands-on preview of the campaign, and stay tuned for our full interview with Homan and Winkler.

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