Borderlands 3 Fan Theory Suggests an October Launch Date Due to Hidden Clues in the Trailer

Borderlands 3 Fan Theory Suggests an October Launch Date Due to Hidden Clues in the Trailer

Over on Reddit, a post has cropped up that suggests Borderlands 3 will release this October as the release date is in plain sight for all to see in the trailer

After what felt like a lifetime of waiting for Borderlands fan, they were finally rewarded yesterday at the Gearbox panel at PAX East 2019 in Boston where the trailer for Borderlands 3 was revealed. In the trailer we saw some familiar faces along with some we have yet to meet, but could there have also been a release date strategically hidden among all the hustle and bustle as well?

According to Zottelpanda over on Reddit, this theory comes after spotting two digits which can be seen on the sides of buildings in the exact same white font: ’01’ and ’10’ which can be witnessed if you pause the trailer at 1:40 and 1:52. In the former scene, you can clearly observe a giant skyscraper with the number “01” wrote across it in large lettering at the very top, while in the latter, another building which is in a totally different location to the first, has the number “10” in, again, the same font.

Now, we know that the dating system format differs on where you are in the world, but as one commentator pointed out in the replies to the post on Reddit, October this year will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the original Borderlands release date and October 1 this year will be a Tuesday which, as all gamers know, is a common weekday of preference for video game publishers to launch their new titles. As stated this is only a fan theory and of course, it is to be taken with a grain of salt, but nonetheless, it is quite a brilliant concept as far as theories go.

We will hopefully find out more information regarding a release date sooner rather than later as Gearbox has promised to announce more details about the game on April 3 – here’s hoping it’s at least this year due to the finished look of the title, but as always, we will be here keeping you up to date with all things Borderlands 3.