New Borderlands 3 Trailer and Borderlands 2 DLC Revealed at Xbox’s E3 Event

New Borderlands 3 Trailer and Borderlands 2 DLC Revealed at Xbox’s E3 Event

Borderlands 3 revealed a brand new cinematic trailer at the Xbox E3 Press Conference. Gearbox also released a new Borderlands 2 DLC that's you can get today.

As the Borderlands 3 train moves closer to its release date, we continue to get a drip feed of new information. E3 is no different and the team at Gearbox made a trip to Los Angeles to be a part of the Xbox Press Conference. The team revealed a brand new trailer showcasing the new Vault Hunters coming to the game this September. Check it out below.

Everything in the trailer was purely cinematic (Gearbox is dropping some gameplay later this week); however, it did do a great job of giving you a look at the style the game is bringing to the table. Each Vault Hunter looks like they’ll be incredibly fun to try out. I’m particularly excited for FL4K the beastmaster character. I’ve always been fond of pet classes and will be interested to see how it works in the Borderlands universe.

That said, every character looks worth trying out. Moze gets to use a mech to wade through enemy hordes. Flynt seems to have a number of interesting tricks up his sleeve as an operative. And Amara should bring a unique take to the classic Siren gameplay. All of these seem like solid additions to the Vault Hunter ranks and I can’t wait to get my hands on them this September.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait that long for new Borderlands content. The team also revealed that a new DLC – Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary – is releasing today for Borderlands 2. It will help bridge the gap between the two games and introduces a new loot tier, new cosmetics, and an increased level cap. Check it out below.

Borderlands 3 is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 13.