Borderlands Playerbase Surges on Steam Following Borderlands 3 Reveal

Borderlands Playerbase Surges on Steam Following Borderlands 3 Reveal

Every Borderlands game surges in popularity and players on Steam following the reveal of Borderlands 3 at PAX East

There’s no question about it: Borderlands 3 hype is in full swing. Following the PAX East reveal from developer Gearbox Studios, most gamers aren’t waiting until the April 3 announcements for more information. Instead, they are diving right into other Borderlands games on Steam driving chart numbers across the board.

Analytics come directly from site SteamCharts, which reviews both the average players and peak players that are around each month. And simply looking at each of the four major Borderlands properties over the last three months, you can see how much of a groundswell Borderlands 3 is driving since the game’s reveal.

First on the list is the original Borderlands, which is by all measures the least-played FPS:


Measuring from the game’s lowest lull of concurrent players in 2019 (January 23, 2019) to its recent peak, we see the game jump from 835 concurrent players to 3,422 concurrent players. That is roughly a 410% increase in players in the last few days as hype continues to build.

Following Borderlands is the most popular title in the series: the critically acclaimed Borderlands 2.


Comparatively, these two titles have wildly different playerbases, with the sequel drawing in over ten times the players. However, we can see instances of similar growth in 2019. From the lowest point of 2019 (May 7, 2019) the peak players have jumped from 8,134 to 33,562: another 413% boost in gamers.

The spinoff games fare even better — without going into the specific details on highs and lows, The Pre-Sequel has managed to grow by 545% while Telltale’s riff of the game has gained an astounding 1,666% growth in peak players.

What’s even wilder? Each game series stats continue to grow — with the most recent data being pulled roughly 30 minutes ago, all four titles have had their peaks in the last 24 hours. Not only has the announcement of Borderlands 3 brought a rising tide that lifts all boats, but the wave of hype is only growing. I can only imagine that these numbers will continue to surge as the new HD and 4K texture packs and Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition land for all of the Gearbox titles.

At the moment, not much is known about Borderlands 3 outside of the reveal trailer — fans have been guessing that the game will release on October 1, 2019 based on context clues from that trailer… but it is honestly a longshot. Thankfully we are expecting a lot more info in the next couple of days.

Borderlands 3 will be available on PC and likely PS4 and Xbox One, though exact details on consoles and release plans are unknown. If you want to play the classics with 4K textures, feel free to grab The Handsome Collection via Amazon. Check out the trailer (below) and keep your ear to the ground in the next couple of days as more info is announced:

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