Borderlands 3 Gets a New Trailer Featuring Zane the Operative

Get a little bit background on the Operative Zane in this new trailer for Borderlands 3.

By Cameron Hawkins

July 31, 2019

Recently, Gearbox released a new trailer for Borderlands 3 that’s all about Zane the Operative. In the trailer, you learn that Zane is a hired gun who has completed a slew of different jobs. He also talks about how he has always worked alone and that no one understands him. No one except his digi-clone, which seems, based on the trailer, to have a mind of its own. I’m not sure if that is going to translate to the full game, but it is cool to see Zane having a beer with the clone in the bar.

With Borderlands 3 now being a little over a month away from launch, I would think that we will receive a trailer featuring one of the vault hunters every week leading up to the launch trailer. It’ll be nice to get a bit more of background and personality for each vault hunter so those (like me) who are unsure as to who they’re going to play first gets a better idea of who they want to pick.

On the Borderlands site Gearbox has a detailed article of Zane’s three different action skills. Under each skill, there are three different abilities that you will be able to build for that action skill. In the past, Gearbox released the entire skill trees for each vault hunter before launch. That way it allowed players to get an idea of what they wanted their build to be going into the game. We were able to go hands-on with Zane at the gameplay reveal event earlier this year and found him to be an “excitable assassin.”

Borderlands 3 is releasing on September 13 later this year for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can view the new trailer below.

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