Borderlands Box Art is Explosive

Borderlands Box Art is Explosive

How often can you say that you are impressed with Box Art for a video game? Borderlands looks to change that perception and the folks over at Gearbox and 2K have hit a homerun. Typically I take a video game box, open it and then it goes off to collect dust never to be looked at unless I need to look something up in the instruction manual. This is the first Box Art that I actually examined and zoomed into in order to see what was going on. The idea to use one of the characters mockingly blowing his brains out in order to give you a glimpse of gameplay is genius! The creators are literally giving you a glimpse of “what is on their mind”. If there was an award for covers this would be a shoe-in for best cover.

Check it out in full size after the jump.


The PS3 cover is identical, I actually double checked the “brain spatter” to make sure there weren’t any hidden Easter Eggs. Check it out.

Borderlands cover pS3

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