Borderlands Cooperative Preview Shows Off A Taste Of Upcoming YouTube Short, “Bride of Frankentrap”

on November 8, 2013 3:40 PM

Gearbox Software’s new “Tales From the HQ” series answers one question Borderlands fans may have been asking themselves lately: just what the hell goes on at the Crimson Raider headquarters when you’re not around?

As part of the Borderlands Cooperative, a partnership between 2K Games and the Academy of Art University, students have been given the chance to create content for the Borderlands franchise with a trio of short films chosen out of fourteen. One of these finalists is “Bride of Frankentrap,” by Leslie Harwood, a comical short that has Claptrap struggling with being the last robot of his kind. The preview below is a blueprint that will be used by large teams of animation students to create the fully animated version, which will debut along with its peers next month, in December.

The project has been so successful so far that over 100 students have joined, and after eight months, two students were brought on over the summer as interns (with one of the two staying as a full-time employee).

Stay tuned for more on the “Tales From the HQ” shorts, and enjoy the video below. For more on the Borderlands Cooperative, check out the Gearbox Software blog.

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