Borderlands Cosplayer Captures Psycho So Well It Looks like a Screenshot

Borderlands Cosplayer Captures Psycho So Well It Looks like a Screenshot

Check out cosplayer Sam as he gets in touch with his inner psychotic killer.

The much-anticipated release of Borderlands 3 is right around the corner as it’s set to hit the shelves on September 13 so in preparation for this exciting time for fans of the series, cosplayer samainscoe has channeled his inner Psycho in the most bad-ass way. When you first look at Krieg the psychotic killer you would assume this was a screenshot taken straight from the game, but alas, this is solely the work of a really talented artist.


Samainscoe, real name Sam, stated on Reddit that it only took him 40 minutes to turn himself into Krieg and that most of that time was spent on the bodypaint and redoing parts. Sam also goes into some detail on how he achieved this amazing cosplay explaining that at first, he went over all the stitching on the pants and bandages with a sharpie to make them stand out. As for the bodypaint, he simply traced the muscle outlines in black and then used the white as a lighting effect so to bring forth the iconic cell-shaded effect you see on characters within Borderlands. The pièce de résistance was then set with hairspray. Sounds rather simple for something that provides such a huge visual impact.


At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, twelve different images of Borderlands 3 box art ideas were showcased by Gearbox that didn’t make the final cut. In keeping with making announcements, Gearbox also stated on Twitter that Borderlands 3 has now officially “gone gold,” which means that the game has finished development. Huge congregations to the entire team!

Borderlands 3 is available to pre-order on Amazon and is set to release on September 13 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, exclusively on the Epic Games Store. The game will also launch on Google Stadia with its release sometime this November.

Photo credit: bilj_blog

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