Borderlands Developer Gearbox Software Announces Battleborn

Borderlands Developer Gearbox Software Announces Battleborn

Publisher 2k Games and developer Gearbox Software announced Battleborn today. The new IP is a “hero-shooter” which mixes fast-paced first-person shooting with co-op combat and a variety of heroes.

Battleborn takes place in the distant future, where a new breed of warriors are the last hope for the last star in a dying universe. The heroes must put their differences aside to stop an unstoppable menace. You can choose from countless amount of heroes and either fight in a narrative-driven co-op campaign or battled it out in multiplayer competitive matches. 

The game will include modes like Incursion, an inventive 5 vs. 5 mode that mixes fast-paced first-person gameplay with team-based strategic gameplay found in MOBAs, such as games like League of Legends and Dota 2.

A release date of the game has yet to be announced.

Watch the official reveal trailer and the gallery below: