Boruto Chapter 71 Early Spoilers Tease Daemon and Code's Fight

Chapter 71 of Boruto is a few days away from its official release. However, some spoilers for the chapter confirms that Daemon and Code's fight is coming.

June 16, 2022

After Kawaki and Borushiki’s fight, Code and Ada arrive at the Hidden Leaf Village to capture Amado. Shikamaru does everything in his power to stop the enemy, but Ada forces Delta to attack Shikamaru while they escape using Code’s claw marks. Kawaki also arrived at the spot, but it was already too late as Code and Ada left with Amado.

Finally, we see Code’s limiters being removed, so he is now at his full potential. However, this doesn’t mean that things would get easier for Code in Chapter 71 of Boruto, as there’s someone who’s even more powerful than him.


Boruto Chapter 71 is still a few days away from its official release, but some spoilers of the upcoming chapter have already surfaced online. According to the leaks, Code confesses his love to Ada, saying she only needs one “Knight,” and that’s him. As expected, Ada rejects Code’s proposal, which starts a fight between Daemon and Code. Code gets overconfident, but he’s no match for Daemon, who only needs to touch another person with his palm to reflect their attacks.

Code might be stronger than before without his limiters, but he is still not powerful enough to defeat Daemon. So, Daemon overwhelms Code without breaking a sweat. Code sustains severe injuries during the fight, so he retreats using the Claw marks and takes Bug with Him. Before leaving, Code starts his rant for Ada and Kawaki, saying that it’s all Kawaki’s fault and he’ll kill everyone who stands against him.

Chapter 71 also gives us a brief conversation between Ada and Amado. The duo makes a deal after Amado states that only he can shutdown Kawaki’s Karma. Amado manipulates Ada into accepting his offer to live under Konoha’s roof if she wants to build a relationship with Kawaki.

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The early spoilers clarify that the next chapter will focus entirely on Kawaki and Ada’s complex relationship. But of course, the official chapter will offer so much more than what’s mentioned in the leaks. Anyway, there’s one thing for sure; Code will now walk on a separate path and maybe will redeem himself.

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