Boruto Episode 202 Spoilers: Sasuke and the Otsutsuki Dimension

Things will get more exciting in the next episode.

Boruto Episode 202 is almost here to surprise us with amazing events, and here’s everything we know about the upcoming manga episode.

Undoubtedly, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is one of the best Japanese manga/anime series to follow right now. The series takes place in Naruto’s universe, and it’s the next generation of shinobis who leads the story forward.

In the previous Boruto episode, we saw Kurama finally communicating with Kawaki. Now, everyone wants to see what events will unfold in the next episode.

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Ending 15 | Answers

Boruto Episode 202 Spoilers

The next Boruto episode is titled “The Cult,” focusing on Boro and his disciples.

According to the upcoming episode’s preview, we’ll see Sasuke investigating an isolated site to find out about Kara and Jigen. Also, Boro would be preaching a dream to his disciples, in which every soul would be saved with no difference between Rich and poor.

Apparently, Sai becomes worried after gathering some intel from Sarutobi Konohamoru after the airship crashing incident. Then, Sai asks Sasuke to pay a visit to this mysterious site. Sasuke would use his time-space ninjutsu to reach the site, where he finds several enigmatic-shaped tablets.

Things will get intense when Sasuke realizes that everything he sees before his eyes could be connected to Otsutsuki Clan. Also, when Sasuke starts inspecting the strange tablets, Kinshiki would pop up behind him.

While all this is happening, Boro, one of the leaders of Kara, would save a sick person in front of several people. Then, Boro would preach how he can use his amazing powers to save everyone while also finding a way to make all human beings happy.

Judging from all this, it’s safe to say that Sasuke will be in the spotlight for the next few Boruto episodes. So, make sure to watch Episode 202 as soon as it is released on June 6th.

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