Boruto Episode 211: Release Date, Time, And Preview on Crunchyroll

Episode 210 saw The lead try and find out more about Kara's connection to Boro, while Konohamaru and Sai infiltrate his cult. Now fans are dying to know what happens next!

By Iram Sharifah Khan

August 11, 2021

Episode 210 saw The lead try and find out more about Kara’s connection to Boro, while Konohamaru and Sai infiltrate his cult. What’s in store for Boruto episode 211?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a direct continuation of Naruto, an anime series that ran from 2002-2007 and later continued on in Naruto: Shippuden (2007-2017). The series picked up in the same year Shippuden ended and has been going strong since.

All three series are direct adaptations to their manga counterparts and while the first two followed Naruto Uzumaki, this series follows the ongoings of his son, Boruto.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Opening 8 | BAKU

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Opening 8 | BAKU

Boruto Episode 211: Release time and date confirmed

Boruto Episode 211 is scheduled to release online at 2 AM PDT on Sunday, 15th August 2021 on the popular anime streaming site, Crunchyroll.

The release has been confirmed by Crunchyroll and based on the schedule given, the episode is expected to air at the following times around the world:

  • Central time: 4 AM on Sunday, 15th August 2021.
  • Eastern time: 5 AM on Sunday, 15th August 2021.
  • British time: 10 AM on Sunday, 15th August 2021.
  • Central European time: 11 AM on Sunday, 15th August 2021.
  • Pakistani time: 2 PM on Sunday, 15th August 2021.
  • India time: 2:30 PM on Sunday, 15th August 2021.
  • Australia time: 6:30 PM on Sunday, 15th August 2021.

For releases in time zones that may not be included in this article for Boruto Episode 211, please use Savvy Time for conversions.

Preview of episode 211 revealed

The title of this episode will be called ‘The Chase‘ and follows Chou-Chou, Inojin and Shikadai as they join forces to find a thief. The three find out a suspicious man had shown up at the Hidden Leaf archives but there is no record of this, leading them to believe it was an inside job.

As the three continue their search, they bump into Kakashi who ends up joining them in their search. Kakashi will end up facing off against Kashin Koji.

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How to watch the series

To watch the series on Crunchyroll, fans will need a subscription which costs £6.50GBP/$9.09USD per month. Alternatively, they currently offer a 14-day free trial*, after this period there will be a charge.

The manga version can be found here. Fans must also have a subscription to Shonen Jump! on Viz to be able to access the chapters. However, the first and last three chapters are free.

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