id Software Is Adding Bots in Quake Champions

id Software Is Adding Bots in Quake Champions

Quake Champions developer id Software has confirmed that bots will be added into the Early Access first-person shooter title sometime in the near future.

A couple of days ago, two members from Texas-based studio id Software announced new details regarding Quake Champions.

According to the developer, Quake Champions will soon feature in-game bots, which gamers will be able to use as practice. Allowing players who are new to Quake Champions and would like to get extra practice in before duking it out with real people, or for those wishing to get better at a particular champion to do so without being slaughtered on the battlefield. Additionally, the bots will also be used to fill slots in during games.

In the recent video uploaded late last week featuring Community Director, Joshua Boyle and Technical Director, John Dean. According to Dean, the bots will be able to mimic all the actions anyone with a pulse can do, including doing trick jumps and players can adjust the difficulty on the bots with ease. One important feature that was noted in the video is the bots will avoid powerful weapons, regardless of how high you set the bot’s difficulty setting.

What we do know, however, is that the bots will be released in two separate phases, according to Dean. With phase one slated for a “soon” launch and will feature bots that will play as any of the champions and weapon currently on the roster, however, the bots will not be able to use its champion’s abilities. During the first phase, the bots will be excluded to a certain amount of game modes, including deathmatch and team deathmatch. While the second phase will allow bots to use the champion abilities and expand which game modes they can be used in.

While this is an exciting new feature that will prove to be beneficial in the long run, the developer did not unveil whether or not Quake Champions would be getting an offline mode. With the only comment on the offline mode from Dean being that “there’s a lot of really really good stuff coming down the pipe.” This includes the new gore system unveiled on the official Quake Twitter account just a couple of days ago.

You can view the full video below this article. Quake Champions is currently available now on Early Access via and Steam.