Bottlecap Exploit Discovered in Fallout 4; Find Out How to Get Your Caps Quick

Bottlecap Exploit Discovered in Fallout 4; Find Out How to Get Your Caps Quick

Fallout 4 finally released this week after years of anticipation, and while the game has been receiving incredibly high praise so far, it’s not without its flaws with the traditionally buggy experience that many have expected from Bethesda Softworks’ titles, though not all bugs necessarily are bad in some cases, as seen with a new money bug.

A new exploit was discovered for those looking to get rich quick, as a bug allowing players to get (almost) unlimited bottlecaps was uncovered allowing players to buy/sell items in a loophole with vendors in the Commonwealth.

It’s pretty easy to pull off and doesn’t require much effort or extraneous gear, as detailed by GameZone on the glitch. Basically, all you have to do is visit a vendor in the wasteland and decide on an ammo type to buy (it can be any one that they have available to purchase) and follow these steps:

After that, go to the vendor’s inventory and purchase all of that ammo type (.45, .308, etc.), but don’t finalize/accept the purchase. Once done, go back to your inventory, and sell back just one of that same ammunition to the vendor. Accept, but don’t finalize the purchase just yet: the vendor should now have one of that ammo, and you have the rest.

After that, go back to your inventory and select the rest of that ammunition and sell them all back to the vender – if done correctly, you should have one remaining bullet left in your inventory. That one bullet, now stuck in your inventory, can now be resold to the vendor over and over again.

Now, go back to the vendor’s inventory, select that same ammo type: purchase all of it, but while making sure that you have the amount of bottlecaps that it would cost already in your inventory (so if it’s worth 1000 caps, have 1000 caps). Then, you can repeatedly “buy” the ammo back, putting the vendor’s bottlecap stash in the negative. That essentially means the vendor will owe you money, and allow you to pick items from their inventory, and then also get whatever caps that they have on hand.

Once you accept the deal, you’ll get a warning that the vendor doesn’t have enough caps to meet the sale – accept anyway, and you’ll get both the caps they have and whatever items you added from their inventory in the final deal.

Those that may want to go for the more righteous and trustworthy path while playing Fallout 4 can ignore this glitch, but for those that want to get tons of bottlecaps and gear to help their wasteland adventures, you can take advantage of this before it (inevitably) gets fixed in an update for the game.

Fallout 4 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.