E3 2021: Breath of the Wild 2 - Could Nintendo Offer Zelda as a Playable Character?


Breath of the Wild 2 is expected to make an appearance at E3 2021, and we’re wondering what Zelda could offer gameplay if Nintendo reveals her as a playable character. 

Nintendo’s showcase at E3 2019 gave us a teaser trailer for the Breath of the Wild successor, showing Link and Zelda on a haunting new journey. 

Two years later and fans are hoping for a gameplay trailer and perhaps a concrete title reveal, but will Zelda break the mold and be debuted as a playable character alongside Link? 

Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – First Look Trailer – Nintendo E3 2019

Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – First Look Trailer – Nintendo E3 2019

Why Zelda Could Be Playable in BOTW 2 

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Spoilers Ahead

At the end of Breath of Wild, Link and Zelda are reunited after an intense battle with Calamity Ganon. The game concludes with both characters agreeing to continue their protection of Hyrule. 

The E3 teaser confirms that Link and Zelda are still traveling together, offering the possibility of both characters being playable. 

Zelda has been playable before in Hyrule Warriors and Cadence of Hyrule, therefore, making Zelda playable in BOTW 2 would be game-changing for the series. 

What Could Playable Zelda Offer in Combat? 

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Zelda could offer a completely new combat system when it comes to defeating the evil of Hyrule, as well as introducing a new playstyle with magic. 

The character’s Bow of Light and Light Arrows, in addition to her spellcaster abilities, could open up a whole new hub of mechanics in combat. Creating magical barriers and fireballs, combined with her healing abilities, could make her a crucial ally in battle.

Having two playable characters in BOTW 2 could even introduce turn-based combat to the franchise. 

Could Playable Zelda Enhance Our Perception of Link? 

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Link is the silent protagonist that we all know and love, but Zelda has always been able to get him to open up and convey his emotions through his mannerisms. 

Having Zelda around to not only fight with Link, but to interact with him, could give players more of an insight into the character. Link may not express himself with words, but he still has a lot of personality to be explored.

Fans are backing Zelda as a playable character, which would allow her to break free from her normal background role. It will also allow the titular princess to unleash the full scope of her power, and take the franchise to new heights.

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