Bound by Flame's Story Trailer Takes You On A Dangerous Journey Through The Land of Vertiel

By Masoud House

February 14, 2014

Spiders Studio’s upcoming action RPG Bound By Flame is approaching ever closer to release; and with its impending debut also comes a brand new comprehensive video detailing the dangerous journey players will embark on when traveling the land of Vertiel.

Bound By Flame puts players into the armor of a mercenary, one bound to a flame demon earlier in the game. Utilizing his own warrior and stealth skills along with a bevy of demonic flame power, he’ll take on the seven ice lords who have devastated the land of Vertiel with their undead army, seeking to bring a new era of hope to a place long in despair.

Along this journey the player will also encoutner five companions, whose interactions with your character can alter both how you player and how the story progresses. There seems to be a little Mass Effect-like paramour options, which hopefully will be further fleshed out in the upcoming gameplay video teased in the trailer below.

Bound By Flame will be coming to the PC, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime early this year during the Spring season. For more on the game, including the previously released “Epic Story Trailer, check out all of our Bound By Flame news.

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