Boundary Has Been Delayed Until Summer 2021

Boundary Has Been Delayed Until Summer 2021

Surgical Scalpels' first-person multiplayer shooter, Boundary, delayed to Summer this year due to the increasing COVID-19 challenges.

Boundary is one of the anticipated projects from the Chinese video game developers that still hasn’t reached a solid point in the development process to be playable for players all around the world. While the game was targeting a late 2020 release, the COVID-19 related challenges slowed down the development process of the game, and now Surgical Scalpels are looking forward to launching Boundary sometime in Summer this year.

As a multiplayer experience set in the zero-gravity space, Boundary is a first-person shooter at its core that offers some unique challenges in movement and gunplay mechanics, thanks to its unusual setting. According to the developers, Boundary will be a multiplayer-only title with a special focus on simulating the feel of being in zero-gravity space. As a result, it’s probably going to be one of the rare shooter games where you won’t hear your shots as loud and clear as other shooters.

Featuring four different modes at launch, you will compete against opponent players to earn the highest score and get your team a victory. In Facility Capture, you and your teammates should capture and secure certain locations of the map for as much longer as you can. The Team Deathmatch mode crowns the team with the most kills as the winner of the match after a certain amount of time. In Skirmish, both teams fight with each other in the same class and with the same weapons for multiple rounds, and the team with more round wins takes the crown. Last but not least, in Orbital Purge, which is the competitive mode of Boundary, you will have to either kill all the opponent fighters or accomplish your objective.

When it launches in Summer this year, Boundary will be available on PS4 and PC. It will be released on more platforms sometime after launch.