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Boundary Gets a New Trailer Along with Details on Its Gameplay

Surgical Scalpels Studio's zero-gravity FPS Boundary will be available on PS4 and PC this year, a new trailer showcases its gameplay

April 2, 2020

Multiplayer focused space-shooter Boundary receives a new gameplay trailer showcasing some of the interesting mechanics and challenges of fighting in zero-gravity.

Just a few hours ago, PlayStation officially revealed on Twitter that they are going to update fans on the five upcoming indie games to PS4 and Boundary is the first one to be revealed. Developed by  Chinese team Surgical Scalpels Studio, Boundary will take you to the world’s most silent battle between Astronauts in zero-gravity. Unlike many space shooters that feature wars beyond planet Earth as a means to widen their setting, developers at Surgical Scalpels Studios have put the emphasis on simulating a real war that takes place in space.

Sure, we had the experience of shooting in zero-gravity in many video games so far, but Boundary is supposed to bring online multiplayer competition in a whole new way that would probably benefit fast-learners most. You need to learn how to move in a zero-gravity area and how to overcome its challenges. While there will be no running, leaning, crouching, or jumping, you will be able to use a grappling hook to move quickly from one point to another or move other objects toward yourself.

Featuring different classes and specialists, playable characters in Boundary are called AO (a.k.a. Astroperators). Each one can be specialized for a certain purpose, like Snipers or Assaulters. While the available guns don’t seem to be too futuristic, there are some interesting vehicles in the game allowing you to roam around the map and hunt down the enemy AOs.

Technically, Boundary‘s visuals look stunning enough to hope for a next-gen port of the game as well, though it’s yet to be seen how gamers will be reacting to the game after launch.

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

Boundary is set to be released sometime this year for PS4 and PC.

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