Boundless Gets Further Details and Screenshots Fleshing Out its Economy, Design, and World

Boundless Gets Further Details and Screenshots Fleshing Out its Economy, Design, and World

James Austin, Director at Wonderstruck, the developer of the upcoming epic sandbox game Boundless, recently took to the PlayStation Blog and provided and information dump about the the studio’s game.

According to Austin, Boundless’ universe is created by a huge graph of connected worlds, with each world being fully traversable voxel planets where you can where you can grapple, swing, slide, bounce, stumble, and fall through unique and diverse landscapes.

A further interesting tidbit Austin revealed is that every world in the universe is visible in the sky of every other world. While some are just point planets for distant worlds, others are stunning real time planets rendered in the sky. When you look up into the sky from your home planet, you can see another civilization living on that world and see everything that its inhabitants have constructed.

When traversing on a new, remote world, you will be able to use “your sacred Totem” as a tool to mark a location at any point. From there you can construct a portal, activate the maker, and open a live doorway into that world, allowing you to step into that world from another instantly.

A big part of Boundless is the online universe, built and ruled entirely by its players. Wherever you want (mostly) you can claim a plot of land, where you can build (and consequently protect) a home. If you gather with enough other players and claim enough land together you can then construct a city. If your city is the most prominent on the given planet, then you can claim the title of its capital “and rule the world.” And according to Austin, the most powerful guilds “will race to claim the universe.”

Lastly, Austin took some time to talk about the game’s economy, which is also player created. Every shop you’ll discover is operated by another player, and filled with resources gathered by that player. A shop could be an equipment shop consisting of equipment forged by another player, or a creature drops shop filled with the gatherings on another player’s hunting. Every player can choose their own playstyle, path, and character progression to help build a society, and a collective, living, online civilization.

Boundless is slated to release for PS4 and PC sometime in 2017. It is currently in Early Access on Steam. Below, you can check out the new screenshots: