Boundless’ PlayStation Experience 2016 Trailer Revealed

Boundless’ PlayStation Experience 2016 Trailer Revealed

Developer Wonderstruck announced Boundless for PlayStation 4 during Sony’s Paris Games Week media briefing last year, keeping relatively quiet since then. Today, a new trailer was revealed for the game ahead of its showing at PlayStation Experience 2016 tomorrow.

Beginning with a character instructing you to enter a nearby portal, the nearly three minute long video showcases everything the Minecraft-esque title has to offer, including varied settings, unique creatures, crafting, combat, and multiplayer elements.

The game will offer PlayStation 4 and PC cross-platform support, where everyone plays together in a single shared online universe. The developers, in a post made over on the PlayStation Blog last year, describe the title as “the ultimate sandbox” where players can “create whatever [they] can dream of and share it with the world.”

Other examples that can be done in the title include the ability to hunt and sell loot, offer services to other citizens, open businesses to make an in-game profit, create sandbox contraptions like cannons (and then sell the bluepoints to other players), open portals that connect to other worlds, and the option to become a real estate agent.

Boundless is set to release for PlayStation 4 in 2017 and is currently in Early Access on Steam.