Bowlbo From Oney Drops First Gameplay Trailer

Bowlbo jumps, flips and smacks his way through the land of Cósta Cré to save his pup in this new gameplay trailer

By Otto Kratky

March 7, 2020

Bowlbo, the first game from Newgrounds animator turned Youtube gaming personality Oney dropped its first gameplay trailer. If you’re unfamiliar, Oney animated under the same name and for a time was part of the now-defunct Sleepycabin crew. On Youtube, he helms the channel Oney Plays where he and other members of the Youtube animating community play new and retro titles. The game is being developed by OneyWare, and published by Albino Moose Games.

If you’re already a fan of Oney, then the name of his debut title shouldn’t surprise you. The full title is Bowlbo: The Quest for Bing Bing and its premise is simple. You’re a young lad named Bowlbo, and an evil witch has stolen your beloved pooch: Bing Bing. You must guide Bowlbo across the land of Cósta Cré and save your pet before the witch eats them. See, pretty straight forward.

However, this gameplay trailer shows that the game can get much more complex than that. In it, we see Bowlbo traveling through a variety of settings, from a coastal town to what looks like Hell itself. We also get a better showcase of the game’s strange art style – a cross between claymation and uncanny-valley 3-d animation. Bowlbo’s stout body and single toothed grin are simply jarring placed in front of the game’s gorgeous backdrops.

There’s still a lot up in the air regarding this title. There haven’t been any announcements regarding a release date yet, and much of what you can do in it is still unknown. We can glean a little from Bowlbo‘s Steam page, which advertises an upgradable move set, explorable areas far from objectives and a time mechanic similar to Majora’s Mask. If you want to stay up to date on the title and its development, you can find its Steam Store page here or follow OneyWare on Twitter. 

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