Boy x Girl Visual Novel The Human Reignition Project Receives Release Trailer and Release Window

Sekai Project has released the first trailer for Alienwork’s visual novel The Human Reignition Project, coming to PC in 2017.

After succeffully raising funds via Kickstarter, The Human Reignition Project is a visual novel that contains multiple routes that players can take and must be played multiple times with different characters in order to get the “full story”.

The publisher details the story:

The game’s set in Japan, in the relatively near future. Still this century, but a couple decades from now. Advancements in fields like robotics have made a lot of jobs redundant, and nearly omnipresent devices like smartphones have the done the same for face-to-face conversation. HRP as a game examines the impact that technologies like these have on our lives and relationships. Within the story, the Human Reignition Project is a small group formed by one old lecturer; a relic of a more personal generation. He’d like to see things go back closer to the way they were.

We’re not trying to teach a lesson or anything like that, though. It’s setting and flavor, instead of a moral approach. We also blend in some light science fiction elements, and even some aspects of action/thriller stories, as a shadowy organization on the outside begins to make their presence known.

You can check out the trailer on top of the character profile screenshots below:

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