Boycott Genshin Impact Trends on Twitter - Hashtag Explained

Over the past six months to a year, Genshin Impact has earned its fair share of plaudits.

The free-to-play title, developed by miHoYo, has taken the world by storm across both the PlayStation platforms and mobile devices.

The game is loved by fans for a variety of reasons, including strong characters, an engrossing gameplay loop and constant updates. These updates tend to happen every six weeks or so and help to keep the game fresh.

Unfortunately, however, not all is rosy within the gacha hit, as today, April 6, Boycott Genshin started trending on Twitter – here’s everything we know about it.

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When did #BoycottGenshin start trending?

The trend started about 3 am UK/10 pm ET, April 5/6 on Twitter. A variety of Genshin Impact players have had their say across the social media site.

Why do people want to Boycott Genshin Impact?

Across the hashtag and Twitter trend, a variety of reasons have been listed by players as reasons for a boycott. These have included:

  • The sexualisation of one of the game’s younger characters (Flora).
  • Few options to play as characters who are not white in skin tone.
  • A potential villainization of Indigenous people within the game.
  • A variety of security concerns, particularly regarding a lack of two-factor authentication.
  • The release strategy of the game’s different content drops.

At the time of writing miHoYo has not responded to the comments and complaints building on Twitter (Tuesday, April 6th).

What’s next for Genshin Impact?

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Not too long ago, players got the opportunity to dive into Genshin Impact 1.4 and now, most likely by the end of this month, players will be able to dive into Genshin 1.5.

As always, this next update is likely to bring a whole host of changes for players to get excited about.

Keep it locked with DualShockers as we update you on everything Genshin Impact related over the coming weeks.

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