Braid’s Developer on ESRB’s Breaucracy; “I Don’t Know why Sony/Microsoft/etc Put up With These Jokers”

on February 5, 2014 4:11 PM

The Entertainment Software Rating Board is often seen as a savior by those that want to protect our children from the evil influence of violent video games, but there are some that see its bureaucracy with growing annoyance. Braid developer Jonathan Blow, currently working on The Witness, is on the latter side of the fence, as he mentioned today on Twitter:

It seems I can’t download an ESRB “RP” logo (required to put a trailer on a console) without writing a paper letter to the ESRB in New York.

I don’t know why Sony/Microsoft/etc put up with these jokers.

Blow continued by mentioning that Apple doesn’t seem to work with the ESRB for its app store, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem:

Apple does not seem to give a shit about the ESRB and they are doing fine.

Finally, he made a rather tongue-in-cheek statement:

I need to write an ESRB letter. Where in SF is the best place to buy cool crayons? Flax?

Considering Blow’s awesome creativity, is it strange that I hope that he’ll really write that letter? I’m quite curioys to see what he’ll draw on it.

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