Brain Candy Invites Players To Join the Fray, Beta Starts

on May 16, 2012 7:37 PM

Indie developer Brain Candy initiated the beta period for its upcoming title, Fray, coming to PC and Mac this Summer. Set in the year 2098, Fray is a sci-fi squad based strategy game where players pledge their allegiance to one of three mega corporations and battle for what resources remain on the planet.

Pre-ordering the game over at their development site grants players beta access. To sweeten the deal, they introduced an experience module to strengthen your squads and in-game chat to hang out or organize games with other players. That’s not all, Brain Candy announced that XP gained during beta will carry over when the game goes live. All for the low price of $19.99. Order now and Brain Candy will throw in a guest pass to invite friends into the battle. Billy Mays couldn’t top that.

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