Brand New NBA 2K16 Info Revealed for Off-Season, Team Relocation & More

Brand New NBA 2K16 Info Revealed for Off-Season, Team Relocation & More

2K’s NBA 2K16 is just 6 weeks away and some new information concerning game modes and gameplay features.

Erick Boenisch, Senior Producer on NBA 2K, said that the Online League can be played on forever, with the rosters continuing just the way they ended. This will be done through the Online League’s adminstrator, since he is the responsible to tell everyone that they will start over and they need to agree too.

Another interesting feature is the ability to relocate your favorite team, or any team in fact, to another city than the one they are already in. He gave an example with Oklahoma City Thunders, and that you can take them back to Seattle and customize everything from the start. You will be allowed to redesign the logo, the arena, the kits and even the jumbo-trons and the seat backs. How cool is that ?

Boenisch talked about how the off-season has been completely revamped with totally new features. They include a Draft Lottery called out by Mark Tatum. You will be allowed to poach staff from other teams during the summer period. He also announced that there will be a summer league which allows you to take part in the Samsung NBA Summer League and other championships.

Those are really some exciting news for fans of the franchise like myself. NBA 2K16 releases on September 29 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.