Bravely Default 2 Releases Demo and Gets New Info

Nintendo surprised fans with a new Nintendo Mini Direct video today, and with it came a bunch of new information on Square Enix's upcoming Bravely Default 2.

Nintendo shadow-dropped a Mini Direct this morning and one of the games highlighted was Square Enix’s upcoming Bravely Default 2. In this new nearly four and a half minute trailer, we learned a lot about this new title.

Bravely Default 2 takes place on the continent Excillant, a land that is home to five kingdoms. Our four central heroes of light in this new tale are Seth, a sailor, Gloria, a princess on the run after her home was destroyed, Elvis, a scholar who is working to decipher a mysterious tome (perhaps a mysterious journal belonging to someone?), and Adelle, a mercenary that Elvis has hired to protect him. We get a better look also of the conflict that we will be contending with, as Gloria’s home kingdom has been destroyed by an evil force, bent on taking their crystal.

Asterisk holders, the job system, Braving and Defaulting, and increasing the battle speed all make a return. Classes so far confirmed are freelancer, vanguard, thief, black mage, white mage, monk, from what we can see on the job screen. It’s interesting to note that it appears that the number of abilities, and thus the job level cap, is only seven this time around, though that may be just for the demo.

And, oh yeah, there is a demo for Bravely Default 2 out today as well! Similar in approach to the Octopath Traveler demo, Square has gone and released a trial to allow fans to play and submit feedback on the game. How much will change or get adjusted by this feedback will be interesting to see.

For me personally, Bravely Default 2 is my most anticipated game of 2020 . I’ve been anxiously awaiting news on this game since it was first revealed back at The Game Awards, and I’m thrilled with what was shown today. We got tastes of the new musical score, better looks at the characters and locations, and confirmation of important mechanics making their return. For now, though, my demo has downloaded and I’m off to give it a shot!

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