Bravely Default II Finally Gets A Release Date Through Latest Nintendo Direct Mini, Demo Feedback Detailed

Square Enix revealed on the latest Nintendo Direct Mini that Bravely Default II will be out worldwide on February 26, 2021, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

October 28, 2020

On October 28, Nintendo surprise dropped a new Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase out of nowhere, with Square Enix most notably revealing February 26, 2021 as the release date for Bravely Default II. This is a worldwide release. A brand new trailer accompanied the release date, showcasing the main characters of Bravely Default II. Our party, Seth, Elvis, Adelle, and Gloria, will most notably face powerful Asterisks bearers, who each possess a powerful Job type. You’ll be able to use these jobs yourself at some point.

We have details on four Asterisks bearers for now. The first one, Dag the Vanguard, who protects the others, will provoke your party, and tank your damage. Next, we have Orpheus the Bard, who buffs or debuffs multiple targets. Following that is Anihal the Beastmaster, which captures and uses monsters. Lastly we have the Shirley the Gambler, with powerful but luck-based skills.


We meet the four above early in the story. More Asterisks bearers characters and more Jobs we’ll be able to change to will be coming later. Lastly, over 22,000 responses to the Bravely Default II demo survey were sent. Many mentioned the difficulty level and the controls. A video explaining most of the changes was published with English subs. You can find the video below, alongside the new trailer in both languages.

Bravely Default II Release Date Trailer, New Details ( Japanese, English)


The Bravely Default Twitter account teased in early October that news about BD II were coming.

Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler Producer at Square Enix Tomoya Asano recently explained how Covid-19 differently affected each series. The development of Bravely Default II was much more impacted. That was in a Famitsu magazine interview we translated. You can read about it in detail here.

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