Bravely Default's Unique Combat and Customization Highlighted in Latest Trailer

It seems like a new trailer for Bravely Default comes out every other day doesn’t it? The newest one goes a bit into detail about how combat works and how you can tailor the game to suit your preferences.

Bravely Default‘s combat is turn based and on each turn you can select either to “Brave” or Default”. Choosing Default lets you store actions for future turns which will allow you to unleash multiple attacks. “Brave” lets you use several attacks at once but will leave you vulnerable in future turns.

You can customize how you want to play the game as well. If things get too tough you can lower the difficulty at any time. If you just want to explore the world and not fight that much you can lower or completely turn off random battles. Conversely, you can also raise the encounter rates. The game will also have street pass features which will enable you to grow your town and to gain help from allies.

Bravely Default will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on February 07th.

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