Bravely Second Livestream “#b2nd” Reveals New Info and Debuts Brand New Trailer

Bravely Second Livestream “#b2nd” Reveals New Info and Debuts Brand New Trailer

Square Enix hosted a new livestream today for Bravely Second, which revealed tons of new information on the game and Collector’s Edition, as well as a new trailer.

For those who don’t know Japanese, you’re in luck because RyougaSaotome translated the entire video in English, which is posted below (screenshots were taken by helpful NeoGAF users):

Bravely Second

  • They’re pretty happy with how much info and B2nd stuff they could release this week. Game costs 5,980 yen. “Coming out in Winter… just barely
  • Bravely Second info in this week’s GanGan. New jobs and new Asterisk users!
  • New job “Cat User.”
  • Officially announcing the voice cast in the new trailer. Getting our first in-game look at Emperor Oblivion and his little fairy.
  • Tiz’s voice at the end of the trailer. “I’m home, Agnes.”
  • Yoshida and co teasing about Tiz’s voice at the end of the trailer. Confirms he’s in.
  • Talking about creating the demo and how they went about pulling it together, original content etc. They wanted folks to be able to play it a whole bunch, even though it’s technically just a demo.

Bravely Second2

  • Question 1: what gets carried over from the demo? A: by completing certain goals within the demo, you’ll get items in the real game. If you’ve played the demo, you’ll know what Asano and co. are referring too.
    – Looks like you can carry over 20 street pass peeps into the full game, giving you an early heads up on rebuilding the moon city.
    – They’re talking about how in the last game, people fixed the town super early, so they’re adding a bunch more to the town stuff.
    – If you have a clear save file from the last game, they wanna give you something when you start the sequel, they just don’t know what.
  • Q2: Quests in the demo are all “go fetch this etc.” Quests will NOT be like that in the real game. This quest style is demo-only
  • Q3: will there be updated demos? A3: yes there will be. Not 6 demos like last time, but there will be more demos.
  • Q4: Asking about who will handle the novel in the collector’s pack. A4: it’ll be a new author. Not the same as the others.
  • Will U’s Journal be available as a separate item for purchase or is it CE only? They kinda wanna sell it separately too but not sure.
  • Q5: About the special code for Magnolia’s outfit. Is it only available via the CE? A5: It’s totally doable to make it available later. Either way the code for the figure and the code for the CE won’t be for the same item. You can buy both and get separate stuff.
  • Q6: Asking about OST release. Q6: Well, yeah. It’ll happen. Oh, and the T-shirt I’m wearing (Asano), will be available for purchase at Jump Festa.
  • Q7: What about the Edea in the background? WILL SHE GO ON SALE AGAIN? A7: We had her made for comiket, so no. She won’t be back!
  • Q8: Any plans to make other characters into figures? A8: No plans yet. We want to though.
  • Q9: Will there be swappable plates for the game? A9: No plans right now… We do have plans for themes though.
  • Q10: What about connections to related media spinoffs? A10: You can play the sequel without any of that. R’s journal existed, but…
  • Q11: What about the previous characters? Ringabel etc? A11: Well, it’d be easy to just say, but we’d rather you play it and see.
    – Towns will be back, dungeons from the 1st game will be in: look and play completely differently. Dungeons in the demo are demo-only.
    – About abroad release and abroad support: THANK YOU.
  • Q12 : Will there be multiple voices in the Japanese release? Like English etc? A: 2nd will have JP only, for now. But if a new version comes out who knows. Right now there’s no plans for that. As of right now, Bravely Second will have Japanese voices only. International ver? well…
  • As for release overseas: It’s not been decided yet. They’re so happy about the overseas reception though. They wanna release 2nd out west.
  • Will there be a Magnolia mufufu event (sexy questions) > “uh…… welllllll……. you guys really liked the bravo bikini huh.”
  • About AR stuff. Will there be AR movies? Probably.
    – There will be an event viewer. Will there be a way to view the “Teach Me Agnes!” bits?
    – In party chat, the characters don’t move anymore! > Only because of the demo.
    – Also Nemesis stuff is back. No paid DLC sans SP drink.
    – SP recharges in sleep mode AND while you play now, so you’ll never need to buy drinks.
    – There will be no music player in-game. Please buy the OST.
    – Time to enter battle in the demo seems a bit long. > A: it’ll get shorter. They don’t know how much.
  • Q: Will there be guest party members? A: nah… prob not.
  • Q: Is there a fast option for battle? > A: Yeah, it’s in the demo too if you haven’t noticed. Same as FTS.
  • Specific question: I keep using the system to get more villagers everyday, but assistant producer Takahashi still hasn’t come yet. Why? > A: Er, it’s just sort of random. We don’t really choose who get sent.
  • Q: Is the demo story a parallel world? TELL ME ASANO SAN! A: The demo story is the demo story.
  • Q: Is there meaning behind changing the font for the title? A: mmm, there will be a subtitle by the way.
    – We still have a bunch more voice talent to reveal. Today was just a tiny bit, and we’re not done recording yet!
  • Q: Are Agnes’ lips soft? A: Uh… it’d be nice if they were? Hard lips are weird.

After the Q&A, they showcased a bit more of the of Collector’s Edition:

  • Bravely Second3 Bravely Second4 Bravely Second5
  • The browser game is getting updated.
  • BD characters playable in the browser game plus a bunch of new ones. Big ole’ update.
  • “We’d be happy if you played. But if you’re the type who doesn’t want to but wants to know the story, this art/novel book is for you!”
  • Mini-Soundtrack. H-Res DATA. “We have no idea how to explain this. I guess it has 3 times as much data??”
  • “Ryo makes things in a Hi-Res environment, so we figured it’d be cool if you guys could listen at that quality too.”
  • Magnolia rubber strap. It’s a rubber strap. Awkward zoom.
  • the box for the Collector’s Pack is huge compared to the first game’s.
  • U’s Journal will be in the Collector’s Pack. Similar style to D’s Journal. It’s not done yet.
  • “We’d be super happy if you preordered the collector’s pack. It’s not cheap, but we really poured our hearts into it.”
  • Next week at Jump Festa we’ll be there. There’s gonna be the TGS demo there.
  • Bravely Second theme for free at Jump Festa.
  • Asano “I really have nothing left to say. I’m glad everyone is enjoying the demo. It’s a huge relief for us. We’re gonna keep pushing- To make the final product great. Please preorder early before it runs out. “We’ll be doing another stream next week during Jump Festa. Oh god. I meet with Ryo every week, and our hair is getting ridiculous” And that’s that! Thanks for tuning in everyone!

You can watch both the recorded livestream and new trailer below featuring a familiar voice at the end (latter thanks to Asleep in the Fantasy).