Bravely Second’s Exorcist Job Class Revealed

on January 9, 2015 2:25 PM

Square Enix has revealed the “Exorcist”, the new job class for upcoming 3DS RPG sequel Bravely Second during a special stream hosted by Dengeki.

As shown in the live stream, the Exorcist has a special ability called “Never Happened”, and when used, it can go back up to three turns,. Essentially,  all actions made during the past three turns will be made invalid. It can also cancel out damage before its dealt, as well as restore HP, MP, and BP. It also works on enemy targets, so if they heal themselves, you can undo them a turn and restore the damage.

Additionally, the new Asterisk holder for the Exorcist job known as “Geist” was also revealed. He is voiced by Takumi Yamazaki and designed by Yokoyan.

Bravely Second is scheduled to release in Japan on April 23 for Nintendo 3DS.

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