Brawl Stars: Once Upon A Brawl Update Today (August 25) - Patch Notes

A new Chromatic Brawler is now available!

By Kyle Knight

August 25, 2021

The special ‘Once Upon A Brawl’ update was deployed for Brawl Stars today (August 25) featuring a brand new Chromatic Brawler known as Ash.

As well as a new Brawler, many of the existing Brawlers also received some changes with the latest update. That’s not all though, there has also been plenty of bug fixes, general changes, and some game mode rotations.

To find out exactly what’s new in the latest Brawl Stars update, check out the full patch notes right here in this article.

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Brawl Stars Animation – Buzz Saves the Day!

Brawl Stars Animation – Buzz Saves the Day!

Brawl Stars – August 25 Patch Notes

Below you will find the official patch notes for the August 25 Brawl Stars update. These notes were taken from the official Brawl Stars subreddit.

For more details, including developer notes on why specific changes were made, make sure to check out the full Reddit post here.

New Chromatic Brawler – Ash

Ash is a grumpy cleaner at the Castle Courtyard and due to the amount of garbage and rats he finds out there, he needs to protect himself with an improvised armor which is an actual trash bin!

  • Main Attack
    • Clean-Up: Ash angrily smashes down with his broom creating a shockwave that can hit multiple targets
  • Super Ability
    • Little Helpers: Robotic R.A.T.S. come to help Ash! They follow the nearest enemy and explode on contact!
  • Gadget
    • Chill Pill: Ash uses his Rage and heals proportionally to the amount of rage accumulated
  • Star Power #1
    • First Bash: When attacking with full ammo, increases the rage gain by 100% for that attack
  • Star Power #2
    • Mad as Heck – Rage now increases reload speed, up to 30%
  • Passive – Rage
    • Ash has a Rage Bar that can get charged when he hits a Brawler or receives damage. The higher his Rage is the faster and stronger he gets. It depletes over time.

New Skins & Visual Improvements

  • Wizard Byron – Power League Skin – Unlockable at 30 Power League wins – 25.000 Star Points
  • Ninja Ash – Brawl Pass tier 70
  • Princess Shelly – Brawl Pass tier 1
  • Unicorn Knight Barley – 79 Gems
  • Ruby Prince Sprout – 79 Gems
  • Emerald Prince Sprout – 79 Gems
  • El Dragón Verdoso – 149 Gems
  • El Dragón Rosado – 149 Gems
  • Evil Queen Pam – 299 Gems
  • Lunar Piper – 149 Gems
  • Handsome Colt – 49 Gems
  • True Gold/Silver Bo, Gale, Nani, Bea, Sandy

VFX reworks

  • Frank
    • Default Frank
    • DJ Frank
  • Piper
    • Calavera Piper


  • Animated Pins
    • Squeak
    • Mega Box Darryl
    • Ash
    • Clap Pins
    • Buzz
    • Griff
  • New Pins
    • Brawl Esports 2021
    • Exclusive Pins for El Dragón and Prince Sprout skins (Once you buy one of the skins, you get a pin offer for free in the Shop)

Seasonal Events

  • Brawl Pass Season 8 – Once Upon a Brawl
    • Loading Screen
    • Main Menu Background
    • Main Menu Music
    • New Environment – Castle Courtyard
  • Lunar event
    • Main menu Background

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes

General changes

  • Added Showdown+
    • Normal Solo Showdown but defeating a Brawler gives you +1 Trophy for each Brawler. Being defeated gives you -1 Trophy.
    • Showdown+ is available on its own game slot and follows the same maps as normal Showdown.
  • Added animated banners for certain game modes
  • Hot Zone Maps
    • Removed Time Warp, Iron Cables, Sabotage Strip
    • Added Open Business, Controller Chaos, Breakout Brawl
  • Bounty Maps
    • Removed Flanking Maneuver, Storm Attack
    • Added Excel, Hideout
  • Brawl Ball Maps
    • Removed Side Strike, Wavedash, Retina
    • Added Center Field, Slalom Slam, Power Shot
  • Heist Maps
    • Removed Spring Onions, Bandit Hook, Cover Crowd
    • Added G.G. Mortuary, Bridge Too Far, Beachcombers
  • Gem Grab Maps
    • Removed Gem Bash, Stardust Storm, Twisted Torpedo
    • Added Four Squared, Rustic Arcade, Diamond Dust
  • Siege Maps
    • Removed Power Washer, Rust Belt
    • Added Junk Park, Mecha Match
  • Showdown Maps
    • Removed Stormy Plains
    • Added Cavern Churn
  • Knockout Maps
    • No changes

Power League

  • Decreased the size of the map pool from 4 to 3 maps/mode
  • Removed Siege from rotation for Power League Season 3
  • New Map rotation:
    • Hot Zone: Dueling Beetles, Ring of Fire, Parallel Plays
    • Bounty: Hideout, Dry Season, Layer Cake
    • Brawl Ball: Super Stadium, Pinball Dreams, Backyard Bowl
    • Heist: Hot Potato, Pit Stop, Bridge Too Far
    • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Crystal Arcade, Undermine
    • Siege: –
    • Knockout: –

UI/Menu changes

Friends List

  • Show highest PL rank in friends list


  • Improved chat UI and UX
  • Added tabs, team code, and simplified predefined message sending

Team Up

  • Improved UI and UX for discovering, inviting, and accepting invites to teams


  • Added 3 more skins to archive: Hot Rod Brock, Mascot Darryl, and Viking Bull


  • Heist safe health increased by 25%
  • Changed tank’s Super charge trait to be based on a Brawler’s max Health so it equalizes the effectiveness of it at all Power levels
  • Added trophy thresholds for club player filtering up until 35,000 (This might be only available in an optional update after the update gets released)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Frank’s noise-canceling gadget could cause him to stay airborne after being knocked up by gales twister gadget
  • Fixed an issue where Stu’s wall break gadget could persist after dashing into a Gale’s twister
  • Fixed an issue where Stu wall break gadget could persist after use if used into a teleporter
  • Fixed an issue where the Super charging gadgets would not reset after a ball was kicked
  • Fixed an issue where Gale’s tornado gadget could make AI pathing break
  • Fixed symmetry on Canal Grande
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