Brawl Stars Season 6 Update - Squeak, Belle, Skins, Release Date

Learn about the new Brawl Stars Season 6 update and new Brawlers.

April 3, 2021

Squeak and Belle are the newest Brawlers joining Brawl Stars in the Season 6 update. With them come new skins and a new game mode!

Supercell recently concluded its April 2021 Brawl Talk and in tradition, they gave their fans new content and updates about the future of the game. They talked about the highly anticipated Season 6 update.

Read on to learn about Squeak and Belle in the new Brawl Stars Season 6 update and everything that comes along with it!

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Belle And Squeak in Brawl Stars Season 6 Update

Season 6 for Brawl Stars is here and it’s called the ‘Gold Armed Gang’. As one could’ve guessed with the name, Supercell is going back to their ‘Wild West Roots’ by bringing a character straight out of the Wild West.

Image taken from Brawl Stars YouTube

Called ‘Belle’, she is the season’s chromatic brawler. Her background is that she’s an outlaw who likes to rob banks in any town she can find. She’s a sharpshooter whose main attack hits a target and the projectile keeps bouncing back and forth among the enemies.

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For her Super, she fires a special bullet and after it hits a target, the target will take extra damage from any source. She’s also getting a killer skin with the Brawl Pass called ‘Belle Goldhand’.

The second Brawler making its way in the Brawl Stars Season 6 update is Squeak. He’s part of the Colonel Ruffs Star Force Trio and is an alien being who has evolved from the cumulative drool on Ruffs’ dog toys.

Image taken from Brawl Stars YouTube

He throws explosive toys towards enemies which stick to walls and Brawlers because of the drooling. His Super is a frag bomb which when thrown on the map occupies a large area and explodes. You’ll have to be quick if you want to evade it. He will be released in May and will come with a Mythic Rarity.

New Seasonal Game Mode – Knockout

The new seasonal Game Mode in the Brawl Stars Season 6 update is Knockout.

Image taken from Brawl Stars YouTube

It is a Best of 3 where you will try to eliminate the enemy Brawlers. But of course, there is a twist. Once you eliminate the Brawler, they don’t respawn. This means that you will have to deal with only two Brawlers on your side.

New Skins In Brawl Stars Season 6 Update

In the style of the Wild West update, the game is coming with Wild West themed skins. The skins announced so far are –

  • Marshal Ruffs
  • Misfortune Tara
  • Amber De La Vega
  • Quickdraw Edgar
  • Saloon 8-Bit
  • Gold Neko Bea
  • Lantern Sandy
  • Do It Yourself Surge
  • Archvillain Bea

Other Features – More Animated Pins, New Replay Features, And More

With the new season, we are also getting more animated pins. Alongside that, there will also be new replay features such as fast forward and replays. Also joining the party are True Gold and Silver skins for Spike, Nita, and Gene.

Image taken from Brawl Stars YouTube

There’s also going to be a new Supercell Make campaign for Nita’s Summer Splash. You can go check it out here and design your own skin there.

Finally, Duo Showdown will also be joining the Map Maker.

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Brawl Stars Season 6 Update Release Date

There has been a lot of hype and anticipation for the upcoming patch. Supercell has managed to further our expectations with their new Brawl Talk as well. This makes us all wonder what the potential release date would be.

As of now, there is no confirmation from Supercell with regards to the release date of Brawl Stars Season 6 update. We shall update you once we have an official announcement. Stay tuned!

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