Brawlhalla Adds Cross-Platform Play for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Adding to the list of games that support cross-play is Brawlhalla, which will let players on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch face off online.

In the past year or so, more and more mainstream video games have been implementing cross-platform play, leading followers of practically every game, big or small, to pester developers about the feature. Free-to-play platform fighter Brawlhalla is the latest to get such an update, in what developer Blue Mammoth Games calls “Phase Three” of a unified game. Like most cross-platform games that aren’t Fortnite or Rocket League, cross-platform play is only available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Phase One of this initiative had the developers unify the servers, while Phase Two made it so that patches came to all platforms simultaneously. Now, players on Xbox One and Switch can matchmake with each other with ease, in all gametypes that include Ranked, Experimental, FFA, and others. Additionally, players can join each other’s custom lobbies across both platforms, with no restrictions between the two.

Of course, the biggest restriction here is that it doesn’t seem like the PS4 can join in on the fun just yet—remember that crossplay and cross-platform progression for games like Fortnite are still under “beta,” according to Sony. Surprisingly though, this Phase Three announcement does not mention PC and Mac, even though Steam is the fourth pillar for Brawlhalla. But at the very least, this development is another small example of the growing and unexpected business relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo.

While options for platform fighting games are a bit sparse on Xbox One, some Nintendo fans may find it hard to put down Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, especially when new characters like Joker being added. That isn’t to say that Brawlhalla doesn’t have its fair share of guest characters as well—the Xbox One and Switch release brought Rayman to the game, a signifier of Ubisoft’s purchase of Blue Mammoth Games. Shovel Knight characters are also fairly recent additions to the roster. While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate does have references to Rayman and Shovel Knight as a Spirit and Assist Trophy, respectively, they aren’t fully involved in the fray like they are in Brawlhalla.

The news from Blue Mammoth Games mentions a “Phase Four” in the works, though there aren’t too many details on that. For now, Brawlhalla players on Xbox One and Switch can enjoy duking it out online as they patiently await their PS4 and Steam brethren.

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