Competitive Fighter Brawlout Announces New Character and Closed Beta

Competitive Fighter Brawlout Announces New Character and Closed Beta

Angry Mob Games took to the Steam store page for their game, Brawlout, to announce a few exciting details. The ‘competitive platform fighter’ is scheduled to come out on PC and consoles in early 2017 but there will be a closed beta starting Dec 21st. You can sign up to try the game before launch here and select if you’re using Steam, an Xbox One, or PS4.

To accompany the news of the beta, a new character was revealed to bring the roster up to 5. Paco joins the other anthropomorphic brawlers (An Eagle, Cat, Walrus, and Monkey) with a grappler style of fighting. The amphibious man-frog can pile drive his opponents up close or use his long tongue to grab on to his enemies to close the gap. Paco is a bit of an unorthodox fighter and takes his love of wrestling and boxing maybe a little too far. As Angry Mob states, “Windmilling his four arms and shouting the names of his signature moves aloud, he battered his way through all of the competition.”

Each of the planned 8 competitors have been selected as ‘Exemplars’ to represent their race through combat for a war that has been waging for far too long. However, an enigmatic character known only as ‘The Hood’ approaches these champions for a way to maybe have one final brawl. My hope is that this mystery person is the final boss represented by a snake. They do have ‘hoods’ after all.

Other features for Brawlout include:

Online and local battles, with up to 8 player fights

  • Take part in online ranked tournaments, play locally in party mode with friends, or go solo in the story campaign.

Evolve and customize your characters

  • Each character starts out with more accessible attacks. You grow it with special attacks, new combo options, more movement abilities and advanced tech moves.

Vastly different combat styles

  • Each character is designed around a unique fighting style, to make each fight more strategic: grapple opponents, freeze them, dive kick their face, bomb them with projectiles or smash them with long range whips.

Rage meter

  • Powerful special attacks consume your rage meter. When filled up, your character gets much tougher.

It’s hard not to love the cartoony graphics of the game while also having fond memories of Super Smash Bros while watching the action. We’ll soon see how it actually plays during the beta and then hopefully find out an actual release date sometime soon.

The trailer for Paco is below: