Break the Rules of Society in Lego DC Super-Villains, Coming in October

Break the Rules of Society in Lego DC Super-Villains, Coming in October

Ignore the law and deliver your own brand of justice in the new Lego DC Super-Villains, coming this October on multiple platforms.

Prepare to get your bad on in this new Lego game featuring villains from the DC universe. Lego DC Super-Villains will come out on October 16, allowing gamers to show their own brand of evil on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Breaking away from the tradition of playing the hero, players will be able to create their own villain and team up with other members from the DC universe who also like to break the rules of contemporary society. The new title will have its all-new original story to go with it as well. Ames Kirshen is the Vice President of Interactive & Animation for DC Entertainment, and they had some words to say on the first Lego game that lets you play as the villain:

“The original story in LEGO DC Super-Villains flips the DC universe upside down as players embark on an unforgettable adventure starring memorable villains set across notable DC locations. DC’s roster of iconic Super-Villains is unmatched and fans will love teaming up with The Joker, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor and a host of others to save Earth from a greater evil.”

Okay, so this suggests that the game isn’t all about being the bad guy and throttling the goodie-two-shoes lineup of human beings in underwear and spandex. Rather, it suggests an idea more similar to Suicide Squad, banding together a group with rotten qualities to battle something darker and more fearsome.

In this particular version of the story in this DC Universe, the Justice League has disappeared and then replaced by an unknown group of heroes calling themselves the Justice Syndicate, and members from the Legion of Doom have taken notice to the odd behaviors of these self-proclaimed heroes. Enough foreshadowing can be gathered together from these details to know who the true enemy will be in Lego DC Super-Villains. Although, at some point, I could see the Joker try and backstab every character in this story and try to maintain dominance for himself.

Lego DC Super-Villains will release on October 16, 2018, on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The title will have single-player and local two-player co-op modes. Check out the announcement trailer and new screenshots of the game below for more villainous pleasures.